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A Los Angeles, California website design, development, and SEO company here for your project needs. We’re experienced with custom WordPress Theme Development, Social Network portal development, cutting-edge Search Engine Optimization technology to ensure your SEO and SEM are up to the highest standards. We take user experience, user interaction, and market strategy to implement a viable marketing solution to engage your customers attention and retain traffic. As a design and development firm we inherently took on SEO within our Los Angeles company because of the current codependence on SEO ranking for mobile responsive websites.

This has allowed us to be ubiquitous amongst our clients needs. From wireframes to mockups, cutting-edge story-telling parallax development, we devise ways to efficiently funnel your customers towards growing your brand. In the days of SEO everything, people have oversaturated the keyword market and have made way for better rankings through quality content. You can forget those outdated keyword meta tags, relevance, content, quality, and mobile transparency play an important role in catapulting your web presence into future stardom.

Your social media strategy also plays a huge part in your digital presence in today’s climate. Many years ago, you could get away with having a static Desktop website with few social media accounts and still have a viable presence online. Today, there are over 800,000 websites that are created daily, and the number is exponentially growing. You can imagine the amount of work Google, Yahoo, and other search engines have to perform sifting through and properly ranking the most important websites.

Web design IS great SEO. The whole point of getting your organization a presence is to attract and retain users, everything from bounce-rate to traffic matters, so it matters to us as well. Mobile responsive design and simplicity is essential to properly communicate in an efficient manner to your audience. Nothing matters more than funneling, period. Providing bad web design leads your customers driving through your website without being guided to your destination. Have you ever seen those websites that are completely convoluted with a million features that you take one good glance and leave? That’s what we try to minimize.

Specializing in custom website application development allows us the flexibility to connect with your goals and deliver an experience that will be aligned with your project. Don’t wait to get the perfect project made, contact us now!


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