Search Engine Optimization

Mobile Optimization

Search Engine Optimization for the mobile and responsive landscape has become a standard in the realm of web development. With devices constantly condensing gargantuan amounts of pixels into screen resolutions scaling every inch of the universe, it’s become a meticulous task targeting not only every device for layout, but for search engine algorithms as well. As the world of crawling spiders refine their searching patterns and discover new ways of driving traffic, this means we must also, find new ways to provide efficient marketing strategies.

Optimizing your site for mobile responsiveness increases traffic, decreases bounce-rate (how long a user stays on your site), help searching “spiders” understand your website, and rank your website better as search engines have modified their algorithms to prioritize mobile-friendly sites over ones that aren’t.

With the advent of social media, SEO and SEM have intertwined to ping pong off of each other; providing information for relevance and quality content. People are using the internet and making more searches on their mobile devices, and even more for social media. We use a hub for social media and build campaigns that make proper use of hashtags, link-building, and efficient content strategies.