Search Engine Optimization

Planning and Strategy

The strategy behind SEO optimization is like a game of chess, patiently gathering data to execute with brute force. There isn’t one correct way to execute anymore as algorithms constantly change, update, and refine their searching mechanisms to sift through spammers and black-hat SEO optimization techniques. As our client, we take pride in being able to provide monthly reports which reflect the data necessary to monitor and analyze your traffic, how we can improve it, and what we need to omit to provide a cleaner experience.

Whether you’re Google, Bing, or Yahoo, trying to trick any of these search engine companies¬†into crawling your website will likely be counter-productive in the future as the begin penalizing web owners for these techniques. The best way to gain attention is to provide engaging content, reduce the bounce-rate, and keep users on your site through with appealing user design and interaction. All of these factors play a part in how well your website will look when these search companies sift through your website for content.

Another part in SEO optimization that is playing a huge role in “spiders” understanding your web-page are schema data microdata structures. With these methods implemented, you’re essentially integrating machines learning into your website so these search engine optimization robots can better understand what your website is about, and provide the users search query with much more valuable information. This in turn increases your ranking and priority by letting the SEO companies know, “Hey! I’ve taken the necessary steps to make sure you can properly and efficiently track me!”