Web Design

Web Design Services

The most exciting part to anyone in a creative agency is the design and creativity behind the development and production. This is where we can hash out all of the bells and whistles we provide as a web design company. We like to innovate and think of extraordinary ideas that can engage a user and keep a focused, clean, and sophisticated presentation. At Fywave, we have all of the tools necessary to create extremely well thought-out wireframes and mockups with beautiful aesthetics and interactions. User experience and interaction has taken on a much more precedented role as SEO spider bots are now prioritizing mobile responsive sites over ones that aren’t. Understanding layout, color, and typography theory is extremely important in creating an overall grandeur experience for the user.

There is also an understanding that comes along with design and development; not all browsers, devices, and screen resolutions play so nicely. Understanding the demographic we are targeting and reaching that audience is important, so these factors play into how your website will be designed and look in the end, from iWatch to laptop.

We use Adobe Creative Suites and have a very knowledgeable staff focused on utilizing Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Photoshop is used for manipulation and layout designs, Illustrator for graphics, custom design, and SVG conversion, and InDesign to tie in all of these properties together for a nice clean document-like presentation.