Web Development

Web Development Services

There are many ways to develop websites these days as the landscape of computer languages and libraries increase. As a web development company we want to ensure our clients have easy accessibility to their content for customization without having to depend on external sources to update simple content information. There are many content management systems out there, but we mostly utilize and develop custom WordPress themes for our clients. It’s a powerful engine and 20% of the websites on the internet are powered by it.

We have a strong understanding of the LAMP stack environment (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) on the server-side, and for client-side we utilize HTML5, CSS3 with a SASS pre-processing power, jQuery, and AngularJS. Web development can seem like a hassle for a lot of people.  Between hosting, domains, FTP and SSH access, our clients don’t want to have to learn how to speak to machines to efficiently run their business online–let us take the meticulous tasks off of your shoulders.

WordPress theme development is another strong badge that we carry. It takes a properly skilled WordPress ninja trained in the art of masterfully molding together a site that will not break any parts of it’s theme during an update, and that styles, scripts, and functions, are all properly enqueued. We take pride in putting together awesome customized WordPress themes, contact us now!